Herfst | Het roofvisseizoen is weer begonnen


Een lijst van de beste vis series en losse video's online.

Pike Fight 2018

This is the third season of Pike Fight, a competition where the biggest Sport Fishing retailer in Sweden challenge the biggest brands out on the market. 10 talented fishermen are set out on a three day long battle, competing in catching the five longest pike each day. It's a one of a kind thrilling series and competition is fierce.

Perch pro 5

In this series of six episodes, five teams will compete against each other in perch fishing. They will fish for three days with one cameraman in each boat. Every day they can win two points - the big fish point and the number point. New for this year is that we will give out one extra point to the team that catches the biggest perch on a topwater lure.

Fly vs Jerk 9

This is the first episode of Fly vs Jerk 9. In this series of six episodes, five teams will fight for three days, free to go wherever they want trying to catch as many and big pike as possible.

Pike Fight 2017

Once again the teams meet in a battle of giants. This time, Söder Sportfiske challenge four instead of three other big brands within the sport fishing industry, and settle this on three classic pike grounds. This is Pike Fight 2017.